Traversable Message

No Way Records


Traversable Message is the current project of Juan Pulgarín, DJ and producer of Pereira (Colombia) that begins in the world of electronic music in 2007, from that year until today, he has been constantly exploring and developing his sound until he finds his own musical identity. Its sound is greatly influenced by Techno, Ambient, Drone and Experimental music; This makes it a perfect balance between the dance floor and the mind, using simplicity as a tool for immersion in your sessions. Surrounding atmospheres with charles, kicks and deep and rhythmic drum loops, combined with analog synthesizers and drum machines that give a warm and lively sound to the dance floor or alternative spaces. He currently has constant concerts at the legendary Garden Underground Club (Pereira – Colombia), where he has had the opportunity to play with artists such as Christian Wunch, Lewis Fautzi, Lucy, Kwartz, Marco Shuttle, Polar Inertia, Mekas, JPJZ, Chilo decks, Brayan Valenzuela, among others.