About us

Established in 2016 as a vinyl and digital label, No Way Records was born with no conditioning and no model to emulate, but a singular idea informed by the white arrow of the logo spearheading the ideology of the label. This is not a Techno label. This is music informed by the synthesised soundscapes of electronic traditions and transmitted on the pulse of a contemporary dance floor.

Between the perfunctory roots of Techno to the hedonistic heights of melodic electronica, No Way thrives. Music conceived in the imagined alternative narratives of Sci-Fi and Horror fiction, transmogrify in the beat of a primordial rhythm. Where records fraternise with all sides of the dance floor, from the beat-less expanse of ambient genres to the insistence of a 4/4 beat, No Way exists as a singular voice evolving through the artistic bodies within our ranks.