No Way Records


Ruhig, also known as Luigi Cicchella is an italian dj and producer, 

Luigi musical background has deep roots in drum and bass, trip hop, idm and ambient. These influences have shaped his peculiar approach to techno which enabled him to create the original sound that he has. Ruhig debuts on Midgar Records with Lost In The Instability EP (2014), a sophisticated ensemble of deep, crafted cuts and asymmetric elements, followed by a remixed edition (2015) featuring reworks by Edit Select Luigi Tozzi, Synthek and Wata Igarashi. Ruhig also started to release on other labels than Midgar Records, such as AWRY, where he released the EP ‘Lethargy‘ (2018) three originals and a rattling remix by Italian artist Sciahri.

Recently,  he released his first album (Ruins of the marble garden) on the Spanish label “Semantica Records”  .

Together with and PRG/M, Ruhig also takes part in the live collaboration act of r2π.