NWRV005 Profondo Rosso

No Way Records celebrates its 5th anniversary with a double 12” anthology of pure physical techno, defined by dark and crepuscular atmospheres that pays homage to 1975’s Dario Argento’s masterpiece “Profondo Rosso”.
The first vinyl is purely dedicated to the energetic Sardinian scene, opened up by DJ Datch and Andrea Cossu’s sharp yet cosmic sounds. On the B side Ness & Kryss Hypnowave on their way to a black and white, hypnotic journey. Introducing the second vinyl is Craft with his sidereal journey, and Svarog continuing with his distinct drum machine. Sicarius Hahni gives the record a foggy and suspended mood, while Massa wraps thing up with warmer touch!

released September 15, 2021

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