NWRV003 Dorian Gray – When the humans will walk with the gods (Incl. Blazej Malinowski Remix)

“When the Humans Will Walk With the Gods” is the name of the new vinyl production for No Way Records. It’s signed by Moreno Mariotti, aka Dorian Gray, Italian DJ and producer, author of several prestigious releases for labels such as Ascetic, Illegal Alien, Edit Select and The Gods Planet for to name a few. This new work, composed of three originals and a remix made by Blazej Malinowski, opens with “Landing on the Shardana Planet”, a piece with a great atmosphere supported by a tenuous drum machine that is never invasive. In “Stellar Wanderer” instead the rhythm becomes protagonist weaving in a sort of escape by enveloping analogical arpeggios. In side B we find “Airy Gravity”, an inspired track that brilliantly feeds electronic pulses with incisive rhythms. The ep close with a rework of “Airy Gravity” by Blazej Malinowski, which gives to the original a more caustic and powerful connotation, leaving it permeating with the same cosmic reflections. Awesome production in perfect balance between cerebral and physical fulfillment.

released November 29, 2019

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