NWRCS001 Haunting Memories Vol. I

Somnia ne cures, nam mens humana quod optat, dum vigilat sperat, per somnum credit id ipsum.

In his first anthological compilation, No Way Records chooses to focus attention on electronic music where the rhythm is almost absent and the sound is perpetually suspended and liquid. A selection of ten tracks for ten artists who explore ambient music in its different identities and contaminations. “Haunting Memories” opens with the rarefied and evocative ambient of NFEREE and Fonemi, going through the industrial echoes of La Pièce & CHSTRL, the analogical sequences of Paul Andrè, the “artificial intelligence” of Wayne Duggan, the science fiction territories of Baransu and Main Leaf, the electro of Sicarius Hahni and Kryss Hypnowave. The collection closes with a leap in the heart of the parallel universe of Falkke. Music for the fourth dimension.

released June 24, 2019

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