NWR023 Empirical Distress – Gaze Upon Thethys

(Incl. YUKIMASA and Traversable Message Remixes)

The second release of 2021 welcomes Empirical Distress to the No Way Records’ family. A four tracker EP including a Remix from YUKIMASA and Traversable Message. Ideally we can split the album in two parts, the first sees “Rhea Intercore” and “Floating On Dione Plains” with their meditative electronic music soaked with IDM sounds, where rhythmic is maintained strong and incisive in both tracks. Instead, on the second half “Gaze Upon Tethys” and “Paaliaq Landing” take the listener to a more club-focused atmosphere, with theirs syncopated drum machines, ethereal synths, as well as hypnotic and wrapping basslines. Traversable Message’s take on “Paaliaq Landing” gives the track a firm and distinctive twist to the overall rhythm, meanwhile Japanese artist YUKIMASA transform the title track into pure monolithic, hypnotic, cosmic techno.

Release date: March 1 2021

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