NWR018 Traversable Message – Texture (Incl. Aleja Sanchez and Sicarius Hahni Remixes)

Traversable Message approach in No Way Records with a dark and uncompromising techno ep. Surface is a hypnotic track mowed by a metallic and sharp synth, while in Break through noise meteorites insinuate themselves on a monolithic rhythm. In Emerge the atmosphere becomes more rarefied, while maintaining a precise and pressing rhythmic structure. This track is entrusted to the Sicarius Hahni remix, which maintains the same energy of the original drum machine by wrapping it in a dense and impenetrable nebula. Aleja Sanchez, leading artist of the Colombian techno scene, takes care of the first track of the ep, Surface, transforming the original into a beam of protons launched at high speed.

releases March 13, 2020

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