Set 2019

Industrial Complexx Review: Mesz_one – 19HZ

Mesz_one reappears again this year in No Way Records with a new release. In August 2018 he debuted on the Italian label with Tasted, an..

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Set 2019

MNMT Premiere: Mesz_one – 19HZ (Hydrangea Remix) [NWR016]

Mystical Mesz_one releases an EP on No Way Records. Monument premieres the title track, remixed by French Hydrangea. The release is out on September 30th.

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Mag 2019

Industrial Complexx Review: Haunting Memories Vol. I

Italian label No Way Records inaugurates a new series of releases aimed at genres such as ambient and electronic, styles with gentle sounds and with..

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Apr 2019

Industrial Complexx Review: Kryss Hypnowave – Costellazioni

No Way Records will publish next March 15th their new and awaited vinyl record. ‘Costellazioni’ is an Ep composed by two pieces signed by Kryss..

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Mar 2019

MNMT Premiere: Kryss Hypnowave – Ursa Major (Claudio PRC Version) [NWRV002]

Kryss Hypnowave releases “Costellazioni EP” on No Way Records. The release features two original tracks, one remixed by Sicarius Hahni and the other by Claudio..

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Gen 2019

MNMT Premiere: Dj Datch – Atlantis (Andrea Cossu Remix) [NWR014]

Italian No Way Records releases an EP by DJ Datch showcasing the label’s new, hypnotic direction. Monument premieres the release’s name track, remixed by Datch’s..

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Mar 2018

Wicked Style Review: Sicarius Hahni – Media Zero “The Remixes”

Abbiamo segnalato a Febbraio le original version di Media Zero, uscita del pugliese Vito Santoro, aka Sicarius Hahni, Arrivano adesso i remix, apparecchiati da Kryss..

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Feb 2018

Wicked Style Review: Sicarius Hahni – Media Zero

Dalla No Way Records e grazie alla promozione di Envelope Structure arriva l’italianissimo Vito Santoro, aka Sicarius Hahni, con una release composta da quattro tracce..

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