No Way Records


Essē started exploring electronic sounds very early on. Experimenting as a DJ he developed an interest in different genres of electronic music. During that period he obsessively devoured mix-tapes in search of a musical connotation that would represent him. His passion and dedication for sharing with others, led him to take on the role of music production lecturer at the Sae Institute in Milan, where he currently teaches. The need to refine his taste and technique made him publish his first works only years after he started producing music. He has released albums for labels such as FM&LTD, Circular Limited, Black Chrysalis Archives and No Way Records. He is still strongly focused on the continuos research of more creative and technical skills, by proposing music with a clear Techno matrix, somewhere between environmental and hypnotic sounds with dub and minimal influences. Last year his need to contribute to the local scene led him to form the FLUX project, a group that promotes electronic music events in Milan. He is part of the Astrale AM collective and will soon release new EPs on respected labels such as The Gods Planet and Insula Records.