Beyond Humans

No Way Records


“Beyond Humans is an electronic music duo integrated by Christian Lucio Sánchez (a.k.a. Chris Lucsan) and Juan Lucio Sánchez (a.k.a. Geoastra) from Colombia, two brothers with a futuristic vision of music who are strongly influenced by techno and ambient.
Chris and Juan started making music together in the year 2008 under the name of “Geometric89”, then, in 2018 they decided to redefine their musical concept founding “Beyond Humans”. They have been constantly performing at different festivals and clubs alongside artists like Speedy J, Polar Inertia, Setaoc Mass, The Ripped, Mental Resonance, Traversable Message, Developer and Claudio PRC, to name a few. Also, they’ve been collaborating with different labels like Virescence, G89 Records, No Way Records, UTCH Records and also releasing tracks for compilations, original EP’s and some remixes throughout the years.