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Baransu is the artistic collaboration between musician and sound designer Matteo Gualeni and graphic designer Michael Barteloni.
The focus of their project is to create a dimension that transforms sound into light and vice-versa, with the centre of the research lying in the interconnection between the world of applied visual arts and that one

of sound design, where the presence of live drums recordings plays a key role. Attracted by the club culture, baransu takes a substantive, at times industrial approach to visual arts and music production. After setting up their first home studio, the duo began experimenting with music in various ways, with influences coming mainly from the Italian programmed and kinetic arts, resulting in a semiotic analysis of signs into a digital landscape.

This process is also contaminated by various sounds and scenes such as:
the 90’s noise, industrial and electro scene in Germany and old-school techno from Detroit on one side, and experimental ways of expression from mid 20th century from northern Europe and jazzy expressions from US on the other.