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Atypikal is a Techno duo based in Athens – Greece founded by George Deligiannis, (Lecturer in SAE Athens on EMP [Electronic Music Production] and Audio Production Departments, Composer, Musician [Piano, Politiki Lira {Klasik Kemence}, Armenian duduk], Sound Engineer & Designer , Electronic Music producer) and Nick Karantanos (Composer, musician [Guitar, Keys], Electronic Music Producer, Sound designer, A & R and Consultant in indie labels). The project’s members have known each other for almost 2 decades through the EMP community. Their love for hardware equipment, their passion for sound design, their philosophy and outlook on all forms of Arts and their interest in music creation has always been something they had in common. The mutual respect that grew through the years bonded them and brought them together in their studio, where along with some other close friends, they started some jamming sessions, just for fun. In December of 2018, they decide to establish Atypikal. With atmospheric Techno being the basis of their sound and deeply motivated by different musical influences (from the Electronic Dance Music of the 90’s to the Psychedelic Rock scene of the 70’s), their approach in creating sounds is the duo‘s way of sharing their perception on the Art of Music. George & Nick’s inspiration mainly comes from ambient soundscapes (natural & industrial). They are also triggered by other forms of Arts, such as Literature, Poetry, Filmography, Photography, Acting. Some other sources are human nature, psyche, intellect and cats. The duo’s main purpose is to share their mutual point of view, their thoughts and emotions. The journey, the cultures, the communication and inspiration that is born when meeting and interacting with different individuals from different places of the world is something more than an experience to them.